freedom to all activists in Khartoum

نظام الغمع والبطش يمارس الاعتقال والارهاب لكسر المناضلين
United Nations Special Envoy for Sudan
Office of the United Nations Special Envoy for Sudan
Almanshia Area, UNAMID Compound, Khartoum SUDAN.
Subject: Detention of the Sudanese youth activist Mohamed Hassan Aalim
As the detention of the Sudanese youth activist Mohamed Hassan Aalim, also known as Bushee, enters its second week, pressure is growing on the Sudanese authorities and the ruling party of National Congress Party (NCP) to release him and other university students affiliated to opposition political parties. International and Sudanese human rights groups have condemned his illegal detention by the National Security Services (NSS) in Khartoum Sudan.
On Monday 18 December 2011, when the Assistant of the President and Vic President of the NCP party, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie was on a public speech in the political rally of NCP’s campaign for Student Union election. Mr. Bushee shared his political view with criticizing the performance of the government and the ruling party in Sudan.
The video of that debate has widely distributed on the prominent electronic media including YouTube, Face Book and Twitter.
People in the neighborhood reported that Bushee was arrested on Monday afternoon 26 December 2011, by a group of National Security members some of whom were armed and were riding a double cap vehicle, from his residence at Al-Haj Yousif Area, Sharg Elneil Locality, and without being summoned by National Security Services.
Bushee’s case has also been taken up by Human Rights Watch and local civil society groups, Sudanese Monitor for Human Rights, Nubian Association for Lawyers and Nubian Students Societies.
Government officials have been reticent to comment on the issue but it is understood that the arrests were triggered by the speech that Mohamed Hassan Aalim did in front of Dr. Nafei Ali Nafie, and the interview that conducted with him on the Altayar daily newspaper in which he repeated the same arguments against the ruling party and corruption.
The Democratic Lawyers’ Association DLA, in Sudan Asks that the Special Envoy of United Nations and embassies in Khartoum pressure the Sudanese authorities to free Mohamed Hassan Aalim. We would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who have worked publicly and behind the scenes to secure his freedom and ask that these efforts continue until they he released.
We strongly defend Mohamed’s right to freedom of expression and the independence of the political affiliation. This prolonged detention is a clear breach of their human rights and Sudan’s legal system.
The Democratic Lawyers Association DLA