victim in group

The silence of the UN Human Rights Council and Dr. Mashood Adebayo Baderin, Special Rapporteur for Sudan, on the large massacre campaign by General Bashir’s security forces and militias using live bullets against peaceful demonstrators, which resulted in an estimated death toll of more than 182, will encourage General Bashir to kill more.  The information we confirmed from a good medical doctor source yesterday is that in the mortuary of Omdurman Hospital, there are 38 bodies; Elban Gadid hospital, 18 bodies;  Khartoum hospital, 12 bodies;  Bahery hospital, 11 bodies; Elno Karary hospital, 10 bodies; Bashier hospital, 7 bodies; Ali Abedelfatah hospital, 7 bodies; and Elturki hospital in Elkalakla, 3 bodies.  It is worth mentioning that medical doctors were denied issuing medical reports on the cause of death or death certificates.  The majority of the victims were shot directly in the head, neck and chest in addition to hundreds wounded.  Most of them are young women and men, who were born during the rule of iron and blood of Bashir in the last 25 years, marking a new generation of Sudanese in the urban areas, who are demanding equality, democracy and a new free society.  Today, Friday, activists all over Sudan are planning for a huge peaceful demonstration that may result in more victims given what happened in the last five days and the strategy of Bashir’s security, which is based on the policy long-said by the 1st Vice President Ali Osman Taha, “shoot to kill” and using the security agents to destroy person and public property as a tactic to create a chaotic situation and an unfriendly environment for the present uprising, which is the biggest and the strongest uprising during the rule of Bashir.  We stay on the side of our people and for the preservation of the peaceful character of the uprising.  And again, we call on the international community and the human rights agencies to conduct an independent investigation on the crimes committed against the peaceful demonstrators in Sudan.
Yasir Arman
Secretary General, SPLM-N
Secretary of External Affairs, SRF
September 27, 2013